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Guyton Logistics

If you’re looking for the best dispatch service for owner operators & independent truckers, you’ve come to the right place. Guyton Logistics Inc is a professional trucking dispatch provider, serving the whole continental U.S. We understand the pain & frustration of many truck drivers & owner operators. From the long hours on the road, time spent away from family, the sacrifices made, etc… all for what? cheap paying freight!? Not anymore.

Guyton Logistics Inc is an ideal dispatch service for owner operators and carriers who are tired of wasting time & energy on cheap freight. If you are a trucker, then you know what we’re talking about. If you are a trucker, We are here for you.

Guyton Logistics Inc is here to serve as an extension of your company. Think of us as your own personal ‘In-house’ dispatcher. You’re the boss (on the road) who calls the shots. We have extensive experience in dispatching trucks for freight of all kinds. We understand the importance of keeping overhead low and profits high. How can we help your transportation business and manage your freight today?

Guyton Logistics Inc is here to help owner operator or fleet owner who are searching for truck dispatch service and to get best loads in United States and to make sure that your truck is on the road and stays loaded throughout the year so get in contact with us right now. Guyton Logistics Inc is your truck dispatcher in the United States. We are located at Tampa, FL. We are working for all 48 US Contiguous states . Our mission is to allow owner operators to be able to focus on driving and rest assured knowing that they have a team of professional truck dispatchers working for them and finding them the best loads in the country around the clock.

Booking Load

Before we booking load we keep close eye on following:

Do we have the right equipment for the load?
Can we legally haul the weight of the shipment?
Do we have the hours available to legally pick up and deliver the load? (ELD Compliance)
Does the freight broker have a reload out of the facility?
Have we read all the details of the load to ensure you meet requirements?

Carrier Packets & Rate Confirmation

Once we got a load that meet your expectations we secure that load in seconds by doing rate confirmation if you already up with the broker. If you are not set up our logistic support officer will do carrier packets just to make sure we are good to go for the load.

24/7 Road Side Assistance & Logistics Support

If you or your driver is going for a pick up or delivery and GOD forbid something happened to you or your truck. You just need to call or shoot a text message to our number and we will be dispatching local mechanics, paramedics or towing vehicle to help you out. At the same time we will be in contact with the shipper or broker to inform them about delay in pickup or delivery to avoid bad rating for your company.

Factoring Correspondence Carrier

While working with our company you don’t need to worry about your factoring company too as we will be taking care of that too, once your driver will the load and send us the BOL we will deliver rate con and BOL to the factoring company so they can process your payments in your company accounts in 24 hours.

Route Optimization

Once we secured load for you our logistic support officer will be optimizing the best routs for your driver to save fuel cost and time for best results.

Detention and Layover

At the time of pick up if shipper is taking too much time to load or unload you don’t need to worry about because we are here to get $50/hour detention and layover for your wasted day.