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No, as owner-operators and carriers working with Guyton Logistics you are not required to operate under your own motor carrier authority.

We work with carriers of all sizes from one truck Owner Operators to trucking companies with double digit company drivers.

No, as an owner, you can decline a load at any time. We work hard to provide loads that fulfill your requirements and preferences. As long as you communicate it upfront, we will only provide loads per your required profile.

All owner-operators are paid a weekly statement for all loads completed through our in-house factoring. All dispatch only clients are paid using their own factoring service.

We do not force dispatch. If a load offer does not suit your needs, we will continue to look for a load that is acceptable and approved by you.

We only do business with the brokers and shippers that have a good reputation, great credit rating and value our carriers.

We only work with reputable shippers and brokers and in addition to that, always checks their credit worthiness even if they are our longtime partners, therefore, our carrier clients have a complete peace of mind.

If you are a dispatch only client you are required to have 1 Million General Liability and $100,000 Cargo. If you’re a signed-on owner operator insurance will not be required.

Semi Tractors (Power Only, Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Stepdeck, Heavy Haul), 26 ft Straight Trucks and Hotshot Dually Trucks.